is this worth working on?  


Here’s a set of questions I ask myself as the last bar for whether something’s worth working on or not (in terms of a business). I think you can contextually manipulate this to work for anything, though I leave that exercise to the reader.

Questions to Answer: #

  1. Why is this truly valuable? (hard != valuable) have you spoken to people in your target audience and confirmed that this is something they actually want?
  2. Why are you uniquely qualified to work on this? - founder/product fit
  3. What special insight are you applying that no one else has figured out? (“secret”/hidden truth) - fundamental understanding of space and why current alternatives stray from truth
  4. How is this defensible? what barriers have prevented attempts in the past from succeeding that you’re overcoming?
  5. What do you see as the realistic best case outcome? what would you need to get there? how will you acquire what you need?
  6. Is this something we’re passionate and obsessed about enough to want to work on for 3+ years (to reasonably expect return)

Hugely inspired by sachin and naval


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